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Throughout her whole life, Allie has been enamored with horses.  At age three, she began her riding career at a small farm in her home town of Stonington, CT.  In her early years, she participated in multiple disciplines including hunt seat and eventing.  Allie participated in US Pony Club as well as local competitions throughout her childhood.  In her early teenage years, Allie developed an interest and passion for young horses.  She purchased her first young horse, a coming two year old paint mare during this time.  Over the next five years, Allie broke, developed, and competed “Lucy” in multiple disciplines and to second level Dressage.  In 2012, Allie decided to focus on Dressage as her main discipline and began training with Herb Robie, a trainer at Standing Stones Farm in Ledyard, CT.  Over the next several years working and riding at Standing Stones, Allie had many opportunities to learn from local and international trainers.  She was able to audit and/or participate in clinics with Pam Goodrich, Henk van Bergen, Tina Konyot and others.  Allie has had the opportunity to ride horses of all types and training levels from backing young horses through third level.  In 2015, Allie realized that in order to develop herself as a rider and aspiring young professional she would need a more suitable mount.  It was at this time that she was able to purchase her current partner, Lantina, an unstated 2012 Danish Warmblood mare.  “Laina” is beautiful mare with the sensitivity and athletic ability to become a spectacular dressage horse.  She has already brought many new challenges and learning experiences to Allie’s life which have already assisted in her development as a trainer.  In an effort to receive additional training experience, Allie recently moved from her hometown to Southern Pennsylvania to be a working student at Yellow Wood Dressage.  Here, Allie hopes to gain experience and expertise as well as have the guidance to help Allie and Laina develop as a team to their highest potential.

Yellow Wood Dressage is super excited to develop Allie from working student toward assistant trainer.  She has shown herself to be an excellent horsewoman with good instincts and is developing a niche for working with young horses.  She is a lovely balanced rider who has a nice effective way of getting the best from each horse she rides.