Equiluxe Marketing

Equiluxe Marketing is a full service design, development, marketing and PR agency created by equestrians for equestrians. Our team consists of talented specialists with years of experience and a track record of success. We work with brands large and small, from creating brand identities for start up equestrian enterprises, to established equine brands, to Olympian riders and trainers. We don’t just take on clients, we see it as a partnership, one that begins with our deep commitment to your success and becoming an invaluable part of your team.

Equiluxe Marketing has been efficient and professional in creating a stunning website for Yellow Wood Dressage. The team at Equiluxe has perfectly captured everything I couldn't put into words and translated it into a beautiful website that truly conveys our mission at Yellow Wood Dressage. I am thrilled to be working with this company and am confident their promotion of Yellow Wood will be an immeasurable asset to the development of our business!


Theraplate Revolution

The patented TheraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury. The TheraPlate is easy to use, proven effective, portable and very affordable.

TheraPlate is the Official Therapy Plate of the U.S. Equestrian Team.

Theraplate has been an integral part of keeping our horses at Yellow Wood Dressage happy and healthy in their daily work. The horses love spending time on the Theraplate both before and after work, and we utilize it to support a wide variety of health and performance related issues. From hoof to spine and arthritis to colic, the Theraplate is one of the most versatile pieces of therapy equipment that exists for our equine friends!


Custom Saddlery

Every saddle should fit regardless of your discipline. At Custom Saddlery our wide range of styles are designed to accommodate the countless horse and rider combinations. Custom Saddlery. Because every saddle should fit.

I purchased my very first Custom Advantage years ago for my own Lugano and have been riding my horses in them ever since. I am confident that within the brand's 30 different models, custom options, multiple tree shapes, and excellent fitters that every horse and rider can find something within the brand to suit their needs. The saddles are beautiful and wear like iron- I still ride in that very first Custom every day and it looks and feels just the same as it did from day one! This company stands behind their product and creates an exceptional saddle with standard of quality that is second to none.



At EnviroEquine & PET, nothing is more important than the health and well being of your animal. No matter the discipline or breed, he deserves the best all-natural care. Enviro Equine & PET products are made with all natural, organically sourced ingredients. All of our grooming products are chemical free, cruelty free, and enriched with essential oils and nourishing ingredients.

Yellow Wood Dressage has been working with EnviroEquine since the company's inception. The health products and supplements that are provided by EnviroEquine have played a pivotal part of the success and health of the Yellow Wood horses. The ElectroBalance Minerals and OmegaBalance Oil have allowed horses at Yellow Wood competing through Grand Prix to eat a grain-free diet and contributed to their excellent health and performance. We love the natural line of grooming products and are particularly fond of the Fly Spray Plus which improves the health of our horses' coats and protects them from the worst of summer's pests! Yellow Wood supports whole-heartedly the entire product line from EnviroEquine and is proud to work with a company who is committed to supporting the overall health of horses everywhere!


Neue Schule Bits

There’s something different about Neue Schule design and engineering. We’ve talked to you, looked at what has gone before, thought about your horse and your ambitions and built our reputation on keeping you and your horse happy to work together and to have fun.

Yellow Wood is proud to be sponsored by Neue Schule Bits, the official bit of the USEF. We work closely with our bitting specialist from NS Bits to ensure that our horses have bits that are both anatomically correct for their mouth conformation and improve the quality of connection in the work. There has been extensive research put into these bits from the choice to use their special Salox metal which warms in the horses' mouth to make the bit more invisible to the ergonomic design of the different mouth pieces to accommodate all types of horses and disciplines. Hands down, NS Bits provide the best ability to communicate with your horse- the difference is undeniable!


Grand Meadows

Grand Meadows products contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients, patented and selected compounds insuring the highest quality, purity and potency. A sophisticated blending and manufacturing process meets the most stringent standards with rigorous attention to truthful labeling and expiration dates and one of a few companies to earn the official seal.

Grand Meadows is one of Yellow Wood's newer sponsors but the results from the Grand Premium Plus supplement are hard to ignore. In just a few month's time, the Grand Premium Plus has added a tremendous amount of topline and contributed to a dramatic improvement in overall health for horses who previously struggled to develop. Nick at Grand Meadows is a wealth of knowledge and the results speak for themselves. If you are looking for a complete supplement that supports coat, feet, joint, gut, and muscle development at a reasonable cost, look no further than Grand Meadows Grand Premium Plus!


La Mundial Custom Boots

It has passed a century since the first pair of boots were made and LM has delivered superior quality boots to more than 1 million customers. Three generations later, the family tradition continues exemplified in their motto: “Made-to-order quality hand-crafted footwear”. We have been manufacturing custom fit boots for professional horse riders and equestrian sportsmen who take their job seriously when selecting their working tool. Our objective was clear, handcraft the highest quality English Boots, Western and Spanish riding boots at the best price.

Yellow Wood Dressage is excited to begin our partnership with La Mundial Custom Boots in 2019! We have completed our first boot fittings for the Yellow Wood team and cannot believe the incredible custom options for beautifully constructed custom boots! There are numerous options for colors and leather types and fully custom boots are available at a tremendously affordable cost! We especially love the replaceable inner panel that allows the boots to be repaired and worn for many years! Keep an eye our for the YWD girls sporting their new custom La Mundial's this show season!


Respond Systems

Respond Systems, Inc. manufactures Class 3 and 4 Therapy Lasers and PEMF products for Vets, Horse Owners, Trainers and animal lovers Worldwide! Products include: 2400XL Laser, Luminex Vet Laser, Luminex Ultra Class 4 Laser, Bio-Pulse Sentry Equine Blankets & Accessories, Maxi-Pulse PEMF dogs beds, leggings, hock boots and neck wraps.

Yellow Wood Dressage is honored to have a sponsorship with Respond Systems Inc. Respond Systems provides the latest in Class 3 & 4 Cold Lasers that contribute to healing and injury prevention in our horses (and dogs!). Low-level laser therapy uses clinically tested wavelengths of light to stimulate natural biological processes leading to faster healing and pain relief. The cells absorb the laser energy and stimulates the body to release pain receiving compounds, increases circulation, and energizes the cells to participate in the healing process. There are no side effects and therefore can be utilized freely to treat both acute and chronic disease or injury. We are extremely thankful to be able to utilize our new Luminex Vet Laser on our training horses to ensure they are well supported and have the best opportunity to stay healthy and sound for their career in sport!


Equicore Concepts

Equicore Concepts® has been developed from a multidisciplinary approach of therapists, veterinarians, riders and trainers, by adapting and refining human sports medicine, physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation and performance enhancement principles to the horse. These principles revolve around a “motor control approach” which affects how a horse moves and thus performs. The primary concept is based on how to ‘Activate Your Horse’s Core’ (and more!).

Yellow Wood Dressage is proud to be the sole sponsored entity of Equicore Concepts. Equicore has developed a fantastic therapy tool in their patented Equiband System that helps improve range of motion and supports correct muscle development for horses of all ages and stages of training. Whether is is a young horse learning to engage hind end and core muscles, an older horse who needs to help maintain spinal mobility and strength, or a rehabbing horse who is working to overcome a muscle imbalance, the Equiband System can improve any horse's way of going. Horses utilizing the Equiband System can experience greater topline development and increased strength both in pushing from behind and in lateral work. The bands work as a sensory feedback mechanism to the brain to encourage greater awareness of the horses' movement and thereby affecting their gait. We use them daily at Yellow Wood and have seen tremendous improvement in all horses who have had the bands added to their weekly routine!


The Kneaded Edge

The primary goal of Kneaded Edge is to improve the quality of life in your beloved equine or canine through the use of bodywork and Magna Wave PEMF.

Beth from the Kneaded Edge has been a long-time sponsor of Yellow Wood Dressage. Beth provides a wide variety of services including Myofascial Release, Ridgway Acupoint Therapy, Massage, and MagnaWave PEMF and is currently completing Osteopath training. Beth visits monthly with her MagnaWave machine and the horses' all look forward to her treatments! MagnaWave can help decrease pain, increase range of motion, oxygenate cells, increase circulation, and promote healing in tendons, ligaments, and bone. We are lucky to have Beth on our team of practitioners who contribute to the ongoing health of our Yellow Wood horses!


Bethany P Photography

Artistic portrait and branding photography.

I have had the most incredible experiences working with Bethany completing a shoot at the beautiful Riveredge Training center last fall where Yellow Wood Dressage resides during the summer, and most recently at Landfall, our beautiful winter base in Wellington, Florida. Each time Bethany shows up to a location, she brings the biggest smile and the best attitude. She is always professional and efficient, taking time to scope out the places she wants to shoot and provide input on options for attire. From the moment you begin, it is clear she has a vision for how each photo will turn out, and this is so evident when the final product is revealed! I was so excited to do the branding shoot this winter in Wellington. I would encourage any professional who is looking to promote themselves, their business, or their brand to reach out to Bethany to invest in a branding shoot - it is an experience I will never forget!