Allie Wilcox began riding at a young age in the disciplines of eventing, hunters, and jumpers in her hometown of Stonington, CT. She participated in US Pony Club events and at an early age began riding green horses and those with behavioral or training issues. As a young teenager she continued to gain skills with this type of horse, and focused on instilling confidence and correct basic training. At this time, Allie rode horses of all types and disciplines from pony hunters, stock type horses, warmbloods, and OTTBs.

Over the years, she gained experience in a variety of different disciplines from natural horsemanship, pleasure horse sports, and jumpers which helped develop the skill set she uses today. In 2013, Allie began working for and riding with USDF Silver Medalist Herb Robie at Standing Stones Farm and had the opportunity to ride with clinicians like Henk Van Bergen and Pam Goodrich. In the fall of 2016, Allie moved to the Mid-Atlantic region to work for Grand Prix Trainer and USDF Gold Medalist Ashley Madison at Yellow Wood Dressage.

Over the last few years, Allie has gained tremendous experience and developed into Ashley’s trusted Young Horse Trainer. She has found her niche starting and developing young horses and has a talent for instilling confidence and excellent basics through their formative years. She has prepared young horses for inspection and competition, started horses under saddle, competed at the prestigious Dressage at Devon Breed Show, and assisted in the training of horses at all levels.

Allie is very passionate about breeding for our sport, and has begun developing her own breeding business. She is interested in expanding her education as a trainer and breeder, producing top quality warmbloods, and creating connections in the US dressage and breeding communities.

Allie will continue working with young horses at Yellow Wood Dressage as she begins to take more time to develop her own Laima Dalia Sporthorses breeding and raising young horses. She offers foaling and raising services to clients at nearby Woodstock Farm.