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SNEAK PEEK: Iselle and "Montesquieu" photographed in Loxahatchee, FL at Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc

Bethany P Photography
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"Villeroy Nord" and Ashley Madison of Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc

Bethany P Photography
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I am so grateful for Bethany P Photography for capturing so many special moments with my sweet boy. Gani is truly one in a million and I am so blessed to have him. He is my heart and soul ❤️

"I owe everything to Gani. Everything I know as a trainer and horsewoman, I learned from him. He's been my teacher and best friend, and I can't picture life without him."

Ashley Madison of Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc and "Lugano" - an 18 year old partnership. ...

Bethany P Photography
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Two more blues for Team Yellow Wood!! Estelle and Lion won their individual test today in the CDI and I know we can achieve even higher scores with this lovely pair! Super proud of Isabell and her lovely mare Kilika for putting in a beautiful solid test to win her second level class again today!... Congrats ladies!! Great job! 👏👏

Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc had a great time at the Gold Coast Opener at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center last weekend! Bob and I finally got down centerline after last weekend’s weather disaster and had nice tests at PSG and I1. I was very happy with a conservative ride for a 67% in his first ever ...I1 and know there is much room to make things bolder for the bigger scores he is truly capable of. Bob is such a fabulous horse and is knocking on the door of Grand Prix. I am working toward finishing him this season and am confident he will continue to shine at the small tour level. Estelle and Lion were amazing as always making the CDI a clean sweep in the Young Rider division. I am continually impressed by this talented pair and am really grateful to have the opportunity to work with them both. No tornados, everyone made it down centerline, no one died, good scores and placings- all in all a very good show! It feels great to get back in the ring! Shout out to my girls Isabell and Iselle for making sure everything went smoothly at home and at the show, and to all my wonderful clients who came to the show to support! I love my village!!! Many thanks to Bob’s owner Carol for the opportunity to show and train her very special horse ❤️. Bob you are amazing ❤️

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Another great day for Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc!! Estelle and Lion won their class again this morning at Jim Brandon, this time the PSG! Still sorting out the warmup and how much to turn it up in the ring, but the sky is the limit for this elegant pair. Looking forward to next weekend and their ...first CDI of the season! Spent the afternoon at WEF supporting YWD favorites Rachel and Glitter as they jumped clear in both their first round and the jump off to earn a fourth place in a large class. We love having Rachel and Glitter with us in MD and it was so cool to watch them shine doing what they do best at WEF! Going to ride a few more ponies to finish out the day before gearing up for the busy week of lessons, training, and competing ahead! Florida show season 2022 is officially underway!!!! 💃💃💃

Congrats to Estelle and her beautiful Lion on a successful first outing on US soil winning the YR test at Jim Brandon this morning! I am so excited for this season with these two talents! First show for Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc is underway, back in the ring again tomorrow morning for round two!


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