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While a little recuperation and reflection is needed before I put together a full post about the incredible week I had working with top horseman and great person Cliff Schadt Jr. at Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc, here’s a little moment that might have been the most fun for me, riding my first horse ...and ponying the first horse from my breeding program 💕🙂🥲

This week included many super horses, clients, and accomplishments. From helping talented upper level horses utilize their bodies and minds to their full potential, to first times wearing tack and putting the first rides on FOUR 2-3 year old warmbloods. I can’t remember the last time I felt this inspired! Cliffs program has helped me learn new tools, but also how to incorporate old skills from different disciplines I participated in years ago to practical use in creating well rounded sport horses.

The past few days have been great fun working with the incredible Cliff Schadt Jr. starting some of the 2 and 3 year olds in training with me at Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc! Here’s a little sneak peek of what we have been up to 😁✨

Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.

Today was day one of my 3 day clinic at Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc with Ashley Madison, it was an awesome day filled with a total of fourteen amazing ...horses and a whole crew of great people, we started colts, solved problems and worked on balance rhythm respect and refinement. The main objective was working on building a relationship that turns in a partnership. This moment below that was captured by the very talented eye of Bethany Pastorial really sums up my day in a way words can not.

"Being a good horseman is learning to fit with different horses and learning their different needs."

I really enjoyed observing and learning today from the talented Cliff Schadt Jr. work with the various horses and equestrians of Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc. There's something... special about the moment of understanding between a man and a horse.

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So excited to host our friend Kathy Connelly tomorrow and Sunday this weekend!! First rider starts at 8:00am each day and this clinic is FULL!! Registration for auditing closes tonight, looking forward to a fabulous weekend of learning at Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc!!


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Weekend Clinic with Kathy Connelly

Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc is proud to host our dear friend and trainer Kathy Connelly for a weekend clinic on October 9/10! This clinic will be open...

Nugget was on 🔥 and Allie made me proud as usual piloting her around on her first off property experience in a big atmosphere! Little boys went for a walk and no one died… marking Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc “safe” from day one at Devon 😂

Here are a few more clinic highlights From the two days I spent this week at Riveredge farm home of Yellow Wood Dressage, Inc and dressage trainer Ashley Madison, this was an awesome experience and I’m looking forward to my next clinic here.


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