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Developing expression!

When done correctly this takes time and patience to systematically strengthen the whole horse to improve posture and build the muscles to increase load, push, and lift. Long lining is one of my favorite ways to develop and maintain... forward push in the more collected work!

I am very sad to hear that Pam Liddell has passed away. I met Pam many many years ago when she sent me her lovely mare Rachel for training, and most recently had reconnected with her over the summer starting some of her youngsters with Cliff at her beautiful Pennsylvania farm. She was always ...super kind to me and truly loved her horses. She did so much for the Connemara breed, and will leave a legacy of wonderful horses and ponies from her program. Love and light to all who were close to her and Godspeed friend.

Slightly random question- do I know any dressage peeps in Eastern Idaho or Wyoming near Jackson Hole? I’ll be in the area in a few weeks from the 28th to the 1st and will have the ability to travel within an hour or two from Victor, Idaho for clinics/lessons on those days. PM me for details!


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